You are a grown up and you should absolutely have no time to get bored! duh… Here are some tasks you have to fill in your time with. Time to be occupied with some productive stuff!

#1 Get Organized


You’ve been throwing away things here and there in your room while you hurry for work all week and now everything is a mess, before the filthiness piles up  utilize the bored time to organize things back in place before the weekend ends.

#2 Prepare a hair or face mask.


The weather and pollution has been taking tolls on your hair and skin. Time to pamper them with some moisturizing or purifying masks.

#3 Make a bucket list for weekends


Making a list of all the things you wish to do or impotant tasks you need to complete since a long time and you have been procastinating.

#4 Do Best out of Waste


Have some old cardboard boxes piled up? Customise them using widely available DIY videos to store different items in a more organised way which otherwise have been lying around your room.

#5 Learn Cooking


Stack the Ready to Cook meals only for emergencies as they contain preservations which are not-so-good for your health and learn some basic cooking if you don’t already know. Well, if you make your own omlete then go for intermediate level, cook your own Mac n Cheese maybe?

#6 Dance

tenor (1).gif

Yes, Dancing relieves the tension in your body. Dance like no one’s watching and burn those calories.

#7 Clean your phone/Laptop


Uninstall all the unused apps and data that takes away your potential memory. Delete the Sleezy photographs and unnecesary download files.

#8 Call an old Friend


Call a friend you haven’t been in touch with since a long time. From your previous workplace or your college with whom you have some good memories. Catch up with them and make a plan maybe !

#9 Go through your expenses


Open up your bank statement online and see what you’ve been spending on. Curate a list of things  on which you dont want to spend money anymore.

#10 Clean your Fridge!


The expired food needs to get out of that place. Make room for other things. Get rid of left overs and unhealthy stuff to avoid muching on to when you’re BORED.

The above things will help you consume the time in ways you won’t regret later!

Comment your add-ons below!