It’s an end to the Summer and we stand here arms wide open to welcome the rains!

It was a never ending wait and it has left us exhausted and tanned! The tans will soon vanquish with the pitter- patter of the rain drops, and the climate will become a soothing one again. But we don’t want the wet-wetty stuff to come in your way from enjoying this beautiful season. Do not worry, we have your back!

Here are some essential tips and Awesome hacks to tackle the rain!

Open up those Umbrellas!

The Rain Gods always like to surprise us, but it is often not a very pleasant surprise when you have your important set of documents in the bag and no Umbrella!

There are so many variants available in the market.614QB62DfTL._SL1500_

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Get creative  with ‘rubber’

Plastic is the need of the hour and to stock up rubber is your first priority now. Rubber wear are available in a wide range of colors and types. Also, formal footwear are having their rubber prototypes on the shelves. Get yourself at least 2 pairs of rubber shoes and other waterproof utilities such as a plastic mobile guard and some zip pouches.


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Refine your clothing.

Getting wet while wearing jeans means carrying the water everywhere you go and also it takes a long time for the jeans to dry on your body. Have a set of light weight clothes ready. Pack away your sheer linen and expensive formals and go for colorful and printed cottons. Women, wear knee length skirts or capris instead of long trousers and prefer shorts and summer dresses for casuals. Men, go for cotton instead of synthetics, cotton clothing won’t leave you feeling sticky

Spare clothing at  workplace.

It is advisable to have a spare of office shoes, a towel and some clothing docked up in your locker for the worst of times.While you still have time, keep a pair of office shoes, a towel and some spare clothing in your office locker. Moving around with wet clothes on can give you a cold. Not cool, right?

Socks Suck!

Socks stink when it absorbs water. So wearing socks outdoors is a big no-no during the rainy season. Ideal thing would be to carry them at your workplace or to completely avoid them.

Light or No-makeup

We know you have you monsoon hacks with waterproof make up. But this can take a toll on your skin. Also, rains and makeup means wastage of those expensive mascara and foundation. Avoid oil-based makeup as there is a risen humidity level. A quick suggestion would be to get dressed after you reach your workplace.

Stay Hydrated and clean.

Drink plenty of water and always keep yourself clean. Your skin is prone to break outs because of the humidity in the air. Use a foam based face wash to keep the oil off your skin and use a sanitizer from time to time on your fingers as well as the toes to keep away unwanted germs causing skin irritation.


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Keep your hair healthy.


Moisturizing your hair is a mandatory job after washing them so be it monsoon, your hair are always in the need of moisture. Its ideal to use an after shower hair serum which will let your hair stay healthy without feeling sticky. Always stay in shade when it rai n and avoid the rain water to seep into your scalp as the water might be contaminated an often results to hair loss.

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Get Rain shields for your auto mobiles.

If you do not have an under-shade parking facility make sure you get some rain covers to avoid serious engine repairs in the monsoon.

Prefer warm and hygienic food.


Have warm beverages instead of cold drinks. Flu and Monsoon is a combination no one prefers. Prefer home made food instead of eating out ( instead if the pakoras smell incredible, JK). Have a cup of chai by your balcony with hot home-made samosas and enjoy the pouring rain.

Quick tips for getting your home monsoon ready

Monsoon belongs outdoors. Keep away the dirt using high absorbent floor mats. Keep your shoe rack outside. Use bug screen and insect repellents on your windows to keep away the crowding up of house flies and mosquitos in your house. Using camphor or naphthalene balls will avoid insects to make your cupboards and bathrooms their home.

  • Include disinfectants while cleaning the house.
  • Use dehumidifiers to protect your wooden furniture.
  • Stock up scented candles to freshen up your home ambience.
  • Check for any electric repairs before monsoon arrives. Look for leakage if any and repair them as well.

Hope this article helps you hack the fun out of the mess of the rains! Comment your add-ons below!