A week left for the occasion and worried about your belly fat. Well we have got a plan for you!

We know some of you are already working out at the gym and on nutritional supervision but this diet can work wonders just before the occasion and be a catalyst for the perfect look. General Motors diet plan was developed by General Motors, United States to increase the productivity of the staff. The Diet worked with astonishing results of loss of 4- 7 kgs in just a week!

The Diet is pretty simple to follow, we suggest you to try it out and tell us how it works for you!

How does it work?

The diet has a focus of detoxifying your body by limiting the body intakes to vegetables, fruits, chicken and brown rice. With the consumption of such combination of low- calorie vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates and an increased level of water intake to help a weight loss upto 7 kgs and make your skin glow at the end of the diet. Below is the 7 day diet plan.

Day 1: Just Fruits.


The day one is usually a treat allowing you to consume all the fruits you like without any restrictions. However, we would recommend you to go for high fiber fruits like watermelon. Do include papaya, oranges and apples also as they will help your skin glow. Remember, the diet requires water intake necessarily of 8- 12 glasses or more to provide results. Do not starve yourself, if you are hungry go grab some fruits!

Day 2: All Veggies

Fresh Vegetables Diet Healthy Salad Veggies Food

Day 2 gives you the liberty to have as many vegetables you like cooked and uncooked. Do not use oil for cooking. We recommend you the high fiber vegetables like cucumbers, beans, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage. You can have a variation of soups with these vegetables which will help you intake the water also. Have a baked potato for breakfast to help you stay energetic throughout the day. Remember to stick to ONLY vegetables this day.

Day 3: Fruits + Vegetables (Exclude Bananas and Potatoes)


The third day is mix of Fruits and Vegetables to allow the body to replenish. The variety this day will help you serve your taste buds and break the monotony of the first two days. Do NOT consume bananas and potatoes this day as they are carb-rich foods not okay for this day. Keep the intake of 8-12 glasses of water constant.

Day 4: Let’s go Bananas!


Day 4 is usually a challenge as ONLY bananas and milk is allowed to be consumed! You will have to consume eight bananas and four glasses of milk in the entire day. Bananas are known for instant energy and so you will feel energetic throughout the day. We recommend you to add an extra hour to the work out. The calcium and potassium missed out in the previous days will be provided today by the milk. Along with 8-12 glasses of water, this day can get monotonous and you will feel demotivated or have mood swings but don’t give up and stick to the program!

Day 5: Protein Day


This day comes as a delight to your stomach as a reward for the past 4 days. It requires you to consume 6 tomatoes and 500 gm of lean meat (chicken breast/ fish) this day. Vegetarians can make a cup of brown rice as the substitute. The tomatoes can be consumed cooked or uncooked keeping in mind that minimal amount of oil should be used. The water intake have to increase to 15 glasses to combat the high amount of Uric Acid produced while digesting the tomatoes. You can substitute the meat with 6 egg whites also. Also, vegetarians can include high protein foods like mushroom and Rajma to the menu. Fruits can also be consumed as snack throughout the day. The protein intake and fruits will uplift your mood and give ample energy to hit the gym this day.

Day 6: Add the veggies.


This day is day 5 with the replacement of fruits with vegetables. Keep the protein intake same while including all types of vegetables. Keep in mind that the veggies should be boiled and not fried. Keep the water intake to 10- 12 glasses.

Day 7: The Feast!


You have already lost the weight by now! Keep the routine similar to Day 5-6 with an addition of fruit juices which was otherwise not allowed. Keep in mind that the fruit juices should be sugar-free and all natural. Do not go for packaged fruit juices. Drink 10-12 glasses of water and weigh yourself the next morning.

Dos and Don’ts during the GM Diet:


  1. Avoid Beverages. If necessary consume dark coffee, green tea, lemon tea once in the morning. Avoid Alcohol.
  2. Avoid Dairy products unless on Day 4.
  3. Use little or no oil while cooking.
  4. Raw fruits are Ideal than juices, unless on the 7th day do not consume fruit juices.
  5. Avoid potatoes unless on Day 2.
  6. Do not consume bread, white rice and processed foods.
  7. Exercise for an hour daily.
  8. Get proper sleep.
  9. Do not starve. Remember, Staying healthy doesn’t mean staying hungry.
  10. Drink lots and lots of water and by the end of the Diet, toxins are to be eliminated.
  11. Consult your doctor before starting with any diet always.

Best of luck! Let us know how it works for you in the comment section below.