So You think she gets pissed off too often? Well, then maybe you are at fault here. Don’t always assume she is bipolar, let us help you, we have curated this list of things that you think is cool but she gets extremely annoyed! There you go:

1.       Not looking at her while she talks:


You are the most important thing in her life, she has bundles of stuff that she needs to share with you. But you not paying enough attention while she explains an incident with utter excitement disappoints her and makes her thing you are ignoring, even though you aren’t, are you?  

2.       Bragging about yourself:

giphy (1)

If you are regular on your gym sessions and have developed muscular body or you have got a promotion at work. Although she is the person who will be the happiest with your success. Let her know, but don’t exaggerate. She will start feeling that you are making her feel small. Yes, she is complicated

3.       Starring at other girls, Oh no!


The girl that just passed by, yes that one, you were checking her out and yes she saw you doing that. Though she’s your girl and you tell her that you love her every day, doing this will only make her feel less beautiful for all of your attention. May be not at that instance, but surely this incident is going to be included in any upcoming arguments with her. 

4.       Not remembering the ‘Important Days’

You just cannot forget the Anniversary, how can you? Of course it is an important day and not only you have to remember, but also plan something sweet for her for that day like she does. If you forget it then be ready for the ‘I am not your priority’ argument. 

5.       Letting her be on her own.

Well, she might brag about how independent she is and how well she carries herself and all the responsibilities but in reality she is a girl and she EXPECTS you to take care of her. To support her and to pamper her like is your responsibility, like she is dependent on you. Be it just picking her back from work or carrying the groceries bags, she will be relaxed if you these things for her. 

6.       Telling her you are busy:

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What! You just cannot be BUSY. While not attending her calls will make her overthink in so many directions, even if you are busy, then take a 30 sec break and tell her that you love her and how you hate not being connected to her while on work and she will herself hang up giving you a bundle of kisses and understand things better.

7.       Continuously talking about subjects that don’t interest her.

Though she’s giving up on Netflix most of the time and watching that cricket match with you, that doesn’t mean that she is genuinely into it. She does that for you and if you constantly keep talking about it then in no time she will get frustrated and the rest is better known to you! 

8.       Not doing what she says on ‘those’ days.


Yes, she is already in pain and plenty of mood swings and on top of that if she says “baby please hand me over the pillow” and you don’t do it, drives her mad!  

9.       Small surprises matter, but you don’t bother!


Try making even the smallest of the events like eating out on a Friday night special with a surprise place you used to visit earlier. Cook for her on days she feels lazy. Because that’s what she wants but never says and its quite annoying that you don’t understand. 

10.   Trying to make her jealous/Curious.

Come on now, she gives a blind eye to every other man that tries to approach her (Some of them are hot even!) and you try on silly things like making her jealous? Seriously, she won’t be jealous but get ready for a fight. LOL. 

11.   Not accepting that it’s your mistake.


This is the point where you can end a lonnnnnnng argument even before it starts! Admit that it’s your mistake even if it isn’t! It will save a lot of time and all the grudges you both are going to have for the next three days.  

12.   Not complimenting her when she is ready:

She is spending more than an hour to get that perfect look to attend this event with you and you are not appreciating that. You cannot assume that she knows that you think she’s pretty, you need to TELL her. 

13.   Not being romantic.

Even if it’s cheesy to write some short love letters to her, be it. Who’s gonna know that you did that. Moreover, not doing romantic things just because you are scared what others would think about it is an annoying act altogether.

Hope this helps! Share your add ons below!