Well, there is always a ‘Breaking the Ice’ moment in all relationships. You two have committed these crimes for sure and it’s just hard to admit that we’re doing it! Here goes the point-outs for your intimate secret.

Together in the Shower:

Of course it sounds so HOT! BUT, after the third time it is a non-sexual activity that involves being ‘gross’. And if this turns out to be fine, does it also means you scratch away tiny moles in your arm pits in front of your better half? Ladies, you got to admit you scrub your under-boob in front of him. Men, yeah we know as the relationship gets along you do all sorts of icky stuff in front of her.


Scratching each other (Non-sexually)

Yes, this will be happening soon when you both start to spend more of your time together in the house. It will probably start like: ”Baby can you just, ah… I’m embarrassed, but I can really use your hand for a little itch on my back, please?” And yes, that is just the start for it!

Clipping each others nails.

After having more of the bathing sessions together, there will be a time when one of you will start the trend of trimming your toe-nails. And as it is a win-win situation for both of you, you don’t give a damn to how gross it is!

Morning breaths

The first time you guys have a stay over at one of your house, the morning will consist of lots of cuddles and kisses and that means kisses without a fresh mouth. The experience will not be so pleasing for the first time but eventually you will get used to it. And, probably even in love with it.

gross 1


How much ever you hold it for days and even for weeks to not fart in front of him/her, there will be a time when you actually do it. And then you both will have a good laugh about it and game on! the competition starts!


Getting too drunk and throwing up 

While he brings you the expensive scotch and you promise yourself to be sober but then suddenly the drink is so smooth and you just cannot stop it. For the worst part of it, you throw up and that’s when you promise yourself again that you will never ever get drunk. But to the sweeter side of it, he actually held you when you were all wasted and if he doesn’t complain about it the next morning, then he is keeper, hold him tight already!


Pooping and talking about the ‘Achievements’

In the first few days of your relationship, you will be shy even to excuse yourself from the table. But then after your stay over you are all open about it and even brag about your pooping achievements sometimes. Well, that sort of relationship actually needs a level of friendship between you guys.

Sharing a toothbrush, a towel, a soap…

These things are pretty common between couples but hey, the last time you accidently used your friend’s toothbrush it felt gross, didn’t it?


Being sick and sharing sickness

Cough and cold is contagious, but who gives a damn if you get it from that special someone. And taking care of  your better half is worth taking the risk of some red and dripping nose. Her being sick wont stop you from kissing her, right? And then it’s kind of cute when you both snuggle in the blanket and have hot chocolate in the bed! Aww…

However gross things get, they are a special ingredient in making your relationship a more intimate one. And if you have a plan for life with them, then knowing everything will definitely involve some gross stuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading! If you want to share your gross habits as a couple you can comment below. C’mon now, open up!