Have a date lined up for this weekend? Probably worried about is he the right one? Here is a checklist for you to either tick or cross him out! These are simple pointers you MUST notice in order to decide whether to go out on a next date with him or NOT.  Shh…. Here you go girl!

# The place where he takes you:

It might not be the perfect fine dine restaurant, but this move will determine his perspective as to how he understood you in the first place. If in the previous conversations you have mentioned that you are a desert person or a street food lover, did he actually pay attention to those details? Moreover, are your choices more important than his?

# Did he come to pick you up? 

It might go against the fact how “independent” you are , but this is actually a gesture of a gentleman to come to pick up his date. Then let it be a two- wheeler or a limo (Just Kidding).

#Who pays for the date?

Again, you might want to split the bill or just pay it by yourself. But, wait, observe. This is very important, even if later you both will be mutual on the bills, right now is the time to see is he already starting the investment in you.

#Did he compliment you at first sight?

C’mon, we know you already know you are looking absolutely hot in your outfit and the perfect set of shoes. But did he notice that, and most importantly did he acknowledge your beauty. A simple compliment like “You look beautiful!’ can make your day, and you want that to be said everyday, don’t you?

#Does he talk about your interests?

Most boys are great at just bragging about themselves. Look for the signs where he actually puts the topic of your interest into consideration for a conversation. This might also help you in testing his GK and IQ level. (Got ya!)

#How does he handle contradiction?

Every body has difference of opinion in some thing or the other. Be it the kind of food he prefers that is different from you preference, how well does he handles the difference? Does he goes all panicky about it, or is he polite? And well, this is very important as you guys will be eating out often, won’t you?

# Is he constantly glued to his phone?

No way, you don’t deserve to be ignored or paid less attention to. Damn, he might as well be cheating on his “current”. Being on his phone while being with you is a No-No as you should be his priority and everything else should be kept aside for a little while.

#Did he touch you, or even try touching you?

May be he’s just being friendly, unless it is in inappropriate ways. (Chances are he might  turn out to be a creep!)

#Did he kiss you?

If he did then it was surely something that certifies your date to be successful. If he didn’t, may be he doesn’t want to rush it or may be he’s the shy type. But this, my friend, if this feels magical, then go for it Babe!


We hope the above list comes to your rescue. Best of luck!